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World Press Trends 2019: Facts and Figures

World Press Trends 2019: Facts and Figures


Circulation vs. advertising revenue

  • Global revenues (print & digital) declined by 3 percent (YoY 2018) with much of that hit coming from print advertising revenue (down 7 percent). Digital advertising revenues increased by 5 percent and are forecast to improve in 2019.

  • Paying news audiences increased by 0.5 percent, to 640 million per day in 2018, fuelled primarily by the continued strategy and growth in getting readers to convert to digital subscribers (up 11% YoY). Nearly 54% of newspapers’ overall revenue comes from circulation sales.

Print still pays the bills

Despite much of the focus on digital transformation, we estimate that print revenues still account for about 86 percent of news publishers’ revenue. In 2018 print circulation declined only 1 percent globally. Naturally, that picture varies from region to region and from country to country.

Traffic and platforms

Google continues to be the most important traffic source for news media companies globally, accounting for two out of every three page views from the leading global technology companies, according to analysis of data from Chartbeat. Yet the relationship with tech platforms remains tenuous if at times hopeful.

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