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World Press Trends 2018: Facts and Figures

World Press Trends 2018: Facts and Figures

Global newspaper industry revenues

Circulation vs. advertising revenue

Since 2013 audiences generate more revenue for news publishers than do advertisers, and we estimate that this trend will continue as publishers turn their focus to a more user-first strategy. In 2017, global newspapers and news media generated an estimated US$ 150.2 billion in circulation and advertising revenue. $87.2 billion came from print and digital circulation, while $67.8 billion came from advertising.

As traditional revenue sources continue to come under pressure, the incentive to accelerate innovation grows, particularly on the digital side where most of the growth is coming. While publishers focus more on audiences, advertising still provides significant revenues and trusted publisher platforms will still be attractive to quality brands.

Print vs. digital revenue

Despite the turmoil surrounding the digital advertising ecosystem, digital advertising revenue continues to grow worldwide (5.38 per cent in 2017). But much of the growth in global ad spend goes primarily to tech giants. Meanwhile revenue from digital circulation continues to grow at a double-digit rate, having increased 18.4 per cent YoY. Despite all that growth in digital revenues, globally, print still makes up nearly 90 per cent of publishers' overall revenue.


Global circulation and reach

While print circulation remains relatively stable globally, according to PwC, it slightly decreased in 2017 (YoY) 0.2 percent. WAN-IFRA believes this slight decrease is due in large part to the reported figures from India, where print circulation took a big dip: 26 percent. Sources there say this is an anomaly and those figures should rebound in 2018.

Digital Media Consumption

Paid digital circulation

Digital circulation continues to grow at a steady pace, primarily from the intensified efforts in Europe and North America. But many other parts of the world have started charging for content and are investigating digital circulation strategies. As traditional revenue streams decline, digital circulation is not the lone saviour to offset those declines, which is why many publishing companies are diligently trying to diversify their revenue streams, even in non-traditional business.

Source: PwC

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